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Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer + TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro Support Toyota G All Keys Lost

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    Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer + TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro Support Toyota G All Keys Lost. V1.23.2.15 CN900 Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer Plus TOYO Key OBD II Support Toyota G All Keys Lost. Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer Plus TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro for 4C 46 4D 48 G H Chips With 24 Tokens.

    Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer + TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro Support Toyota G All Keys Lost

    Mini CN900 Transponder Key Programmer Plus TOYO Key OBD II Key Pro for 4C 46 4D 48 G H Chips With 24 Tokens

    Attention: Buy this buding package, you will get 24 tokens for G Chip Clone, 12 tokens inside the machine+12 tokens one time free updated, if you use out 24 tokens, want to continue to clone G chip, then need to buy the tokens on our site, only 30USD to get 12 tokens again.

    And for one time free activation, you need to provide us picture to show us that CN900 MINI and The Key OBD PRO are on the same picture.

    Reasons to get Mini CN900 Update with TOYO KEY OBD:

    1.Professional Key Copier for 4C 4D 46 48 Chips
    2.Support Toyota G Chip All Key Lost
    3. Support Toyota H Chip All Key Lost
    4.With 24 tokens for G chip clone


    More deatils, pls check:

    Mini CN900 Update V5.18 Mini CN900 key programmer Smart CN900 Mini Transponder Key programmer
    mini cn900

    TOYO KEY OBD II KEY PRO Bluetooth TOYO KEY OBD2 OBD II Key Programmer Support all key lost for Toyota G & H Chip

    toyo key obd

    CN900 Mini Highlights:
    RFID identifly 125KHZ  134.2KHZ  13MHZ
    RF data reception 27-900MHZ
    RF radio frequency identification,support all kinds of remote controls
    RF Data transmission, supports all kinds of remote control simulation test
    Various types of vehicle anti-the fault detection, matching detection
    Portable Super long standby
    Support four kinds of frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    As for the products improvements, specifications are subject to change
    CN900 Mini can use CN5 Chip to copy Toyota G Chip and 4D Chip. (It requires token to copy Toyota G Chip, CN900 Mini has 12 tokens as default for G Chip, when you use it up, you can contact us to charge another 12 tokens for free. And for the next times will need to pay to get more tokens.)

    Smart CN900 Mini transponder Programmer:
    1. Can directly copy 4C and other chips like Toyota 4d67.
    2. Support copy 4D chips.
    3. Can recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48.
    4. Support copy 46 chips.
    5. Support 72G chip.

    TOYOT Key OBD connect with cn900mini by Bluetooth, and operate on cn900mini screen.

    1.TOYO-G(80bit) all key lost, write chips!
    2.TOYO-8A(128bit) all key lost, write chips!
    3.TOYO-smart card all key lost, write chips!
    4.DAI-G(80BIT) all key lost, write chips!
    5.NO need to take out instrument desk! to avoid damaging the car system.

    TOYO Key can program new key on:

    Toyota ID72(G) all key lost
    Toyota 8A(H) all key lost

    In the coming days, TOYO Key is able to program key on:

    Toyota smart card all key lost
    VW Audi 48 chip all key lost

    Toyota ID72(G) and 8A(H) all key lost, how to program new key by TJECU CN900Mini and Bluetooth TOYO Key OBD II key pro, here 4 steps to follow:

    Step 1: Insert the new blank key into the ignition and turn it to the NO position, then plug the TOYO OBD adapter into the 16 pin port of the car.
    Step 2: Use the option 72G of CN900 MINI to connect, then start to initialize data, the immo indictor is on for a long time, then follow the CN900Mini prompt to operate.
    Step 3: It will prompt “Complete/ Success”, and then the Immo indicator is on for a long time again.
    Step 4: Turn on and off ignition for 5 times quickly, immo indicator is off.

    How to activate TOYO Key OBDII to work with CN900 Mini in order to Program Toyotda G Key?
    Before programming Toyota G all keys lost, you need to activate and register TOYO Key OBDII with CN900 Mini.

    To use TOYO KEY OBD II KEY PRO with cn900mini/ND900 mini, you are required to update cn900mini/ND900 mini hardware version to or higher version.

    Step 1: connect Cn900mini to PC, and updated to Version 1), then back to CN900 main interface(Pic 2), click”OBDII Comm.”

    Step 2: Click”ID72(G) IMMO reset”(pic3)

    Step 3: Cn900mini main interface display as pic4 (CN900 Mini will require to enter activation code), please take a photo of this and send to the salesmen which you contact, our salesmen will send this picture to our engineer, they will calculate the activation code; after the customer get the activation code and insert, it will register successfully.

    Remark:  one activation code just can register one CN900 mini machine, it can not register many cn900mini, please operate according this user manual, If the customer does not operate in accordance with the instructions of the machine damage to a series of problems, customers have to bear the cost of freight and maintenance.

    Package Includes:

    1pc x Mini CN900




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