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STIC SVCI DoIP JLR Diagnostic Equipment Wifi Jaguar Land Rover SVCI DoIP Diagnostic Tool with Pathfiner JLR SDD V156 Software Support Online Programming Function

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    STIC SVCI DoIP JLR Diagnostic Equipment Support Jaguar Land Rover from 2005 to 2019. Wifi JLR SVCI DoIP Diagnostic Tool with Pathfiner & JLR SDD V156 Software Support Online Programming Function. Jaguar And Land Rover SVCI DoIP Diagnostic And Programming Tool Supports WIN7 WIN8 WIN10 System.


    STIC SVCI DoIP JLR Diagnostic Equipment Wifi Jaguar Land Rover SVCI DoIP Diagnostic Tool with Pathfiner JLR SDD V156 Software Support Online Programming Function

    Jaguar And Land Rover SVCI DoIP Diagnostic And Programming Tool Support JLR Jaguar Land Rover from 2005 to 2019 Online Programming

    STIC SVCI DoIP Jaguar Land Rover Diagnostic Equipment Highlights:

    with Pathfiner & JLR SDD V156 Software
    Support Jaguar and Land Rover from 2005 to 2019
    with Online Programming Function(With online account)
    Multi operating system: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 both 32 bit & 64 bit

    STIC SVCI DoIP vs. JLR VCI DoIP vs. DA-Dongle DoIP

    Wifi JLR SVCI DoIP Diagnostic Tool Overview:

    The SVCI DoIP Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is used by professional technicians as an aid in diagnosing and repairing vehicle electrical and electronic systems. The SVCI DoIP is designed to connect the vehicle to a host PC computer application which then functions though the  SVCI DoIP for data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming. Using the VCI Manager PC application software, The SVCI DoIP is capable of communicating over a USB cable.
    The SVCI DoIP is a standard-based tool – supporting the SAE J2534 interface, and the ISO22900-2 Diagnostic-Protocol Data Unit (D-PDU) API. Fully support JLR diagnostic software SDD2 and Pathfinder, including diagnostic, ECU update, CCF configuration and all the functions of JLR.

    STIC SVCI DoIP Appearance and details:

    SVCI DoIP hardware has two LED light. Different LED represent different states. The LED light on the left flashing green indicates that the equipment is working normally, The LED light flashing red light indicates that the firmware is being upgraded. The LED on the right always lights up to indicate that DoIP protocol is activated, The LED on the right is flashing, indicating that it is communicating with the DoIP protocol. As shown in the figure below.

    STIC SVCI DoIP Diagnostic Kit Contents:

    The SVCI DoIP base kit includes a USB cables user manual and a OBD interface extension cord and a hardware needed to communicate with ECU of JLR vehicles.

    STIC SVCI DoIP Technical Specifications

    Protocol Type Protocol name
    Physical Layer l CANBUS Channel 1 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
    l CANBUS Channel 2 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
    l One UART channels (K & L Lines)
    l One J1850
    Communication  Layer l ISO9141
    l ISO14230
    l J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)
    l ISO14229 JLR Powertrain CANBUS
    l ISO14229 JLR Body CANBUS
    l ISO14229 JLR Chassis CANBUS
    l ISO14229 JLR Comfort CANBUS
    l ISO13400 DoIP
    Others l Pin voltage Measurement
    l Programming Voltage Generator
    l Internal Temperature Sensor
    l Power through DLC or USB Type B Connector

    Jaguar Land Rover SVCI DoIP Supported vehicles list


    Software Name Vehicle Name Model Years Support’s functions
    SDD2 Land Rover L316 2005~2016 All
        L319 2005~2016 All
        L320 2005~2016 All
        L322 2005~2016 All
        L359 2005~2016 All
        L405 2005~2016 All
        L494 2005~2016 All
        L550 2005~2016 All
        L538 2005~2016 All
      Jaguar X100 2005~2016 All
        X150 2005~2016 All
        X152 2005~2016 All
        X202 2005~2016 All
        X250 2005~2016 All
        X350 2005~2016 All
        X351 2005~2016 All
        X400 2005~2016 All
    Pathfinder Land Rover L405 2017~latest All
        L494 2017~latest All
        L462 2017~latest All
      Jaguar X152 2017~latest All
        X761 2017~latest All
        X760 2017~latest All
        X260 2017~latest All
    Note: All JLR models produced after 2016 are applicable for pathfinder software, SVCI DoIP device will constantly update and support the latest JLR models.

    How to use and operate STIC SVCI DoIP for Jaguar Land Rover:

    If you want to use the SVCI DoIP device normally, you have to download and install three software, they are Pathfinder, SDD2 and SDD2 "QuickLoader" software. These three software can be installed in the same operating system together, and when you use SDD2 software,  you have to open it from the SDD2 "QuickLoader" software. And when the software is installed, the device needs to be connected to the laptop and vehicle. The Pathfinder software is primarily intended for Jaguar Land rover models manufactured in 2017 and beyond, The SDD2 software is mainly aimed at Jaguar Land rover 2016 years models and before.
    STIC SVCI DoIP Download software and install:

    Installation steps of the PATHFINDER software:

    Step 1: Before installing the software, you need to make sure the C drive has a capacity of more than 250GB.
    Step 2: Access to software download center http://www.flyobd.com/shop/download-center/
    Step 3: Selection “Pathfinder” item and download pathfinder installer
    Step 4: Double-click the file that you download and saved, and then install it.
    Step 5: The pathfinder installer will automatically prompt you to download and update the software and files you need to install pathfinder(The automatic download and installation will takes up to 24 hours according to network download speed).

    Installation steps of the SDD2 and SDD2 "QuickLoader" software:

    Step 1:Download software from http://diagnosticdelivery.jlrext.com/idscentral/
    Step 2:Selection the “SDD_xxx_Full.exe” file, download and save it.
    Step 3:Double-click the “SDD_xxx_Full.exe” file and install it.
    Step 4:Selection SDD2-"QuickLoader" item from http://www.flyobd.com/shop/download-center  download and install it.
    Step 5:Double-click the “SDD2 "QuickLoader".exe” file and install it.

    Connected STIC SVCI DoIP devices:

    After installing the software, you need to connect the equipment to the computer using a USB cable. Then connect the OBD interface of the vehicle through SVCI DoIP device, or connect the OBD interface of the vehicle and the equipment through the OBD extension cord. The equipment connection diagram is shown below.


    1.What is SVCI DoIP ?
    SVCI DoIP is a special vehicle inspection tool for Jaguar Land rover models, it's manufactured by BAOCHI.
    2.What does SVCI DoIP do?
    SVCI DoIP hardware is compatible with SDD2 and Pathfinder software, which can achieve all the functions of these two software, it includes diagnostic, program ,immobilizer, change  CCF configuration and special function etc. By the way, the original DoIP device can achieve the function, SVCI DoIP can also achieve.
    3.Is there a version limit for SVCI DoIP to use SDD2 and pathfinder software, and can they be used for free?
    SVCI DoIP hardware is compatible with all versions of SDD2 and pathfinder. The software is free to use, and SDD2 software can be run without registration.
    4.When is SDD2 software used and when is pathfinder software used?
    Use the SDD2 software when you come across a JLR vehicle from 2005-2016,When you come across the Jaguar Land rover models produced after the 2017 model year, you need to use the Pathfinder software.
    5.What are the advantages of SVCI DoIP ?
    SVCI DoIP hardware equipment is suitable for all Jaguar Land rover models of the year, and it can achieve all Jaguar Land rover functions. SVCI DoIP hardware itself is small and easy to take. In addition, there are several advantages:
    1)High speed host communication. (3M bps)
    2)Stable host communication. (with RTS/CTS flow control)
    3)Automatically register software.
    4)Online software update and keep software latest always.
    5)Online firmware update.
    STIC SVCI DoIP Package List:

    1pc x SVCI DOIP JLR DoiP VCI Hardware
    1pc x Software CD
    1pc x USB cable
    1pc x STIC SVCI DoIP User manual
    1pc x Outer packing
    1pc x OBD extension cord







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