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Super 3 in 1 MB SD Connect C4 & BMW ICOM NEXT & VAS 5054A With Lenovo T430 Laptop and 1TB HDD/SSD installed Mercedes BMW Audi VW #ODIS Software Ready to Use

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    Super 3 in 1 MB  SD Connect C4 & BMW ICOM NEXT & VAS 5054A  With Lenovo Laptop is 3 in 1 Mercedese BMW AUDI VW Full diagnostic Tools All in one. OBD2top.com Put inside The Lenovo T430 Laptop with 3 systems. 3 in 1 MB Star SD Connect C4 + BMW ICOM NEXT + VAS 5054A With Lenovo T430 Laptop and 1TB HDD/SSD Mercedes BMW Audi VW #ODIS Software Complete Set Ready to Use.




    Super 3 in 1 MB  SD Connect C4 & BMW ICOM NEXT & VAS 5054A With Lenovo T430 Laptop and 1TB HDD/SSD installed Mercedes BMW Audi VW #ODIS Software  Ready to Use

    MB Star C4 + BMW ICOM NEXT + VAS 5054A With Lenovo T430 Laptop With 1TB HDD/SSD BMW BENZ ODIS Software Complete


    This set includes MB STAR C4 Multiplexer and BMW ICOM NEXT Hardware and VAS 5054A Device and 1TB HDD/SSD BMW BENZ sofwtare and Lenovo Laptop, the HDD/SSD software will be put inside the laptop and with 3 systems.

    Note: The SSD Version Need Add 100$ More, Thanks.

    1TB HDD/SSD BMW Benz ODIS Sofwtare Overview:

    1. Software Version: V2020.06 for Benz, V2020.08 for BMW, V6.1.0 for ODIS, all support till 2020.

    2. Operation System: Win10 64bit System for Xentry software and ODIS Software, Win7 64bit System for ICOM Software

    3. Software Type: 1TB HDD or SSD ( SSD is run faster than HDD)

    4. Laptop Specs: Lenovo T430 (Used one, not brand new)

    5. Update: Send HDD/SSD back to update, or purchase new HDD/SSD replacement

    V2020.6 MB Star Software Contains:

    Xentry 06.2020
    DAS 06.2020
    EPC 11.2018
    WIS 11.2018
    SDmedia offline 2014
    Vediamo 5.01.01
    Vediamo Database 2019
    Star Finder 2008 & 2016
    PL73 2019
    DTS Monaco 8.13.029

    V2020.08 Ista D/P ICOM Diagnostic Software Contains:

    ISTA-D: 4.24.21

    ISTA-P:  Support BMW motorcycle and electric car programming

    VIN: 2020.06.08

    SDP programming database: 4.24.21, support muilti language

    ETK: 2020.1

    KSD: 2019.11

    INPA 5.00

    winkfp 5.3

    NCS 5.2

    BMWAi : 4.6

    E-SYS V3.33.0 and V3.34, database V67.0, E-SYS 3.31 Chinese version
    E-SYS PRO 2.8 (Newly Added)

    Database V67.0

    Dr. GINI B020

    FSC navigation arithmetic software and IBAC code

    Add BMW old car DIS software, DISV57 and DISV44, diagnosis and programming

    Not connected 9000 days remaining

    ODIS Software V6.10

    (1) ODIS V6.10 includes: Audi, Skoda, FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial, Bugatti, Lamborghini, SEAT, MAN, Bentley, VCDS 20.4.1

    (2) ODIS Engineer Software: V12.1 Version

    (3) ETKA 8.2, data updated to 2020.8

    (4) Elsawin 6.0, support VW, Audi, data updated to 2016.1

    (5) VCDS V20.4, need to work with V-CDS cable or V-CDS Hex-V2

    MB Star C4 SD Connect Multiplexer Description:

    1. Hardware Verison:  OS:2.3   CSD:2.11

    2. Support Wireless/ Lan Cable Connection

    3. Work for Benz Car & 24V Trucks

    4. Supported Multi-Language: English, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Czech, German, Finish, Hungarian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese

    5. Hardware PCB board with full new Samsung chip layout, work a long lifetime

    More Details, Pls check:

    Super MB SD Connect C4 Multiplexer Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 4 Mux Wifi MB SD C4 Support Firmware Update

    ICOM NEXT A+B+C Description:

    1. Support car models: For All BMW E/ F/ G Series Cars (BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model,  BMW Motorcycle and electric car ).

    2. Functions:  ① for BMW Diagnosis, ② Programming and Coding , ③ Brush hidden,  ④ Single    Engineer and E-sys, ⑤ WinKFP, ⑥ ItoolRadar, ⑦ Tool32, ⑧ INPA, KSD2 , Grop ISPI, NCS-   EXPERT tool, ⑨ ISTA, ⑩ New features activation and the module system update.

    More Details, Pls check:

    Best Quality BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool Firmware Update To V1.40

    wifi icom next

    VAS 5054A Description:

    Software Version: ODIS V 5.2.6 in CD (We may cannot help installation for CD Software)

    Support Cat Model: works for VAG all 9 Brands from 1995 to 2020 (for VW, for AUDI, for SEAT, for Skoda, for Lamborghini, for MAN, for VW Nutzfahrzeuge (Commercial vehicles), for Bugatti and for Bentley).

    Supported Multi-language: English (GB), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Russian (RU), Greek (GR), Danish (DK), Croatian (HR), Italian (I), Hungarian (HU), Netherlands (NL), Polish (PL), Portugal (PT), Romanian (RO), Slovenian (SLO), Finish (FI), Swedish (SW), Turkish (TR), Czech (CZ), Japanese (JP), Chinese (CN), Korean (KO).

    Connection: USB/Bluetooth Version (Bluetooth Connection Password: 082145725)

    Computer Windows System Requirements: Windows XP, Win7 professional, with our HDD can support Win10 system

    More Details, Pls check:

    Super VAS 5054A With OKI Chip V4.4.1 ODIS VAS 5054A With Original Bluetooth AMB2300 And Buzzer Support Buzzer Alarm Function

    super vas 505a

    Package List:

    MB Star C4

    1pc x SD Connect
    1pc x 16pin cable
    1pc x 38pin cable
    1pc x 14pin cable
    1pc x 8pin cable
    1pc x Lan cable

    BMW ICOM Next

    1pc x BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C
    1pc x BMW ICOM B Most
    1pc x BMW 20pin Cable
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x LAN Cable
    1pc x OBD Cable

    VAS 5054A:

    1pc x VAS 5054A main unit
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x Bluetooth Adapter
    4pcs x CD

    Software & Laptop

    1pc x 1TB HDD/SSD BENZ BMW ODIS Sofwtare (optional)
    1pc x Lenovo T430 Laptop (Used one, not brand new)






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