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VAT-570 Battery Analyzer 12V 24V VAT-570 UPS Power Storage Car Battery Tester

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    VAT-570 Battery Analyzer is New Car Digital Battery Tester. VAT-570 Battery Analyzer detect the  voltage of 12V and 24V batteries only need 5 seconds. VAT-570 UPS Power Storage Car Battery Tester detect voltage Suitable for CCA,DIN,IEC,EN,JIS standard battery test.

    VAT-570 Battery Analyzer 12V 24V VAT-570 UPS Power Storage Car Battery Tester

    VAT-570 Car Digital Battery Tester VAT-570 Car Ferry UPS Battery internal Resistance Tester

    Battery analyzing time: Less than 5 seconds.

    VAT-570 Battery Analyzer Description:

    VAT-570 Battery analyzer only need 5 seconds to detect the  voltage of 12Vand 24V batteries,cold start current,resistance and  longevity;Whether thebattery needs to be recharged,the plate is measured loss  and aging aglance;The use of advanced conductance testing technology,safety,no heat,no hot,can repeatedly test;testable and related automotive battery 12Vand  24V starting system and power generation systems.

    VAT-570 UPS Power Storage Car Battery Tester Features:

    1. This test is accurate,fast,simple,intuitive display
    2. Suitable for CCA,DIN,IEC,EN,JIS standard battery test
    3. Adoption of the low-frequency signal test,without an external largeload  discharge test,does not damage the battery
    4. Test automotive test batteries and battery has been discharged
    5. The shell is made of silicone protective,non-slip,beautiful,easy to clean

    VAT-570 Car Digital Battery Tester Application:

    1. Can be use as Batteries need to be replace or not judgment  basis
    2. Receipt and acceptance tool
    3. For the customer to explain the value and performance of different typesof  batteries proof tool
    4. To check tool batteries before shipment
    5. Identification tool battery claims

    VAT-570 Car Ferry UPS Battery internal Resistance Tester Parameter:

    1.Application range:12V and 24V lead-acidbatteries,automotive  starting system and charging system
    2. Operating range:CCA100~1700EN100~1700,DIN100~1000,IEC100~1000,JISplease  enter based on the model in terms
    3. Voltage range:8~35V
    4. Screen parameter:LCD material,backlight LED,resolution 128*64
    5. Case Material:ABS material
    6. Cablr specifications:Environmental PVC material,20AWG/4 wire,length 3150px
    7. Product Dimensions:185*115*38mm
    8. Weight:500g

    Why do we need battery at vehicle? Not just to save the power, the most important part is to start the engine.

    So, the ability to supply the power is more important than the capacity of battery, for the vehicle powered by fuel (gasoline/diesel) engine.
    This Battery Analyzer is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method.

    The benefits of VAT-570 Car Ferry UPS Battery internal Resistance Tester method are:

    It's safe in passive testing method.
    Never discharges or drain the battery.
    Able to test condition of discharged battery.
    Consistent and repeatable results.
    Provides unique indication of battery conditions.
    Besides, this analyzer also provides check the Alternator's charging and
    Starter's cranking conditions.
    Maintenance free and no internal batteries required. It powers up when
    connected to the battery posts during testing.

    Operating Voltage: 9~30V
    Analyzing Capacity (Amps):
    9V ~ 30V (max)
    CCA  100~1700
    EN   100~1000
    IEC   100~1700
    DIN   100~1000
    JIS#  100~1700(CCA)

    VAT-570 Battery Analyzer PACKAGE list:
    1 set VAT-570 Battery Analyzer




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